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January 19, 2017

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3 Ways to Utilize People Data

April 5, 2017


Many companies today utilize pre-hire personality assessments.  Unfortunately, many companies are not using that data much after the person has been hired.  When the new higher begins their new job, has this valuable data been shared with their managers or direct reports?  Has it been used to personalize their on boarding process.  Will it help their managers understand what motivates and de-motivates this person?  Will this information be used to help them bond quickly with their new team?

Once you utilize the PDP Pro Scan to help you find the best people for the job you have available, please do not miss the opportunity to put to put this data to a great use.



Here are three tools for you to consider using for this new team member:

  1. On the job decision-making.  Let’s say this team member has a deep seeded need to avoid making mistakes.  She will want to clearly understand my expectations and the right way to accomplish a task.  As her manager, I want to emphasize structure, systems, and our process.  When I need her to make a decision within that framework, how do you think that she will approach it?  In this example, my people data from PDP tells me that I can expect a deliberate and thorough process rather than a quick witted response off the cuff.  If I press her to quickly make a decision with very little information the outcome will be very different than for someone who is more comfortable taking risks.  Understanding how someone makes decisions is critical for your managers to understand about their team members.

  2. Conflict resolution.  As a team leader, I may have several different personalities on my team.  Keep in mind that the best teams are often the most diverse teams.  But everyone has to have an appreciation and understanding of one another’s differences.  These differences come from communication style, leadership style, and motivators, along with cornerstone behavioral traits.  When a team performs cross functional work together, it is common for two people to experience challenges when working together.  Each person may be successful in their own right due to their own work style.  However, they might find themselves at odds with one another’s work style on a given project.  It is helpful for me to understand their different personalities and how a person’s basic natural self might inadvertently be causing challenges for the other team member.  For example, I may have a very driven and dynamic team with an individual who enjoys rapid change, paired with another team member who is more consistent and steady in their work style.  The team’s overall performance may need both traits to reach the end goal, so having insight into each personality allows me to coach them relative to each person’s basic style.  People data allows me to help them find common ground and appreciate the value that each brings to our team.

  3. Improve communication.  Some people are naturally extroverted and socially driven.  These people enjoy interacting with one another and are energized by opportunities to interact and be persuasive.  As a manager, if I’m more introverted, I want to make sure that I provide these team members generous amounts of face time and not rely solely on e-mail or other less personal ways of communicating.  I also need to give them opportunities to talk things out loud.  For my less extroverted team members, I want to apply a very different approach.  Knowing my people well helps me to tailor my communication style to what each person needs most from me as his or her manager.


These are just a handful of examples of how the people data that you already have in place can help you bring you elevate your team’s performance.  The same information that I gathered before building my team can help me coach and elevate this team to the highest possible level of success.  How I motivate, encourage, and coach your team is the key to unlocking potential in the people that we work with.

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