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The Magic of a Team That Clicks!

January 19, 2017

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How Old School Are Your Hiring Practices?

December 2, 2016

When it comes to creating amazing teams, especially when hiring, many businesses focus on the same worn out old candidate selection tactics only to wonder why things did not work out.  And yet, if you ask them how much time they spend looking at resumes and preparing for an interview, most of them will tell you that it’s less time than it took them to scroll through the most recent postings on Instagram.  This flyby approach for hiring will end up costing a lot of money if that new guy or gal does not work out - up to five times an employee’s first year of compensation.


Fortunately, there is a much more intelligent way of hiring by incorporating an upgraded HR approach with data and tools that help decode a human being.  Humans are complicated.  None of us come with an instruction manual.  Therefore, in order to dramatically increase our hiring success rates, we need a better way to assess workplace behavior beyond what little information we can gather during the typical interview process. 


We typically try to determine in interviews if this person is the right person by drilling down on experience, education, skill set, and knowledge.  A structured interview is only 6% predictive of workplace performance.  Interviews alone are not going to give us the information we need to determine if the candidate in front of you is the best match for your team.


Do you know that by utilizing behavioral assessments during your hiring process you can increase your chances of hiring the right person by almost four times?


Once you understand how someone is likely to behave in the workplace, you can use that data for hiring, building your sales force, developing leaders, team building, and ensuring that your team members are in the right positions.  As a result, your business will flourish and grow faster than ever.

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